Biscuits From Big Bottom Market in Guerneville

I heard about the fresh biscuits and the take-home biscuit mix from Big Bottom Market in Guerneville during the buzz about them making Oprah’s 2016 favorite things list. I’ve even walked by Big Bottom Market without stopping to check out the biscuits (Hey, we all make mistakes!). I mean, honestly. People getting so excited about a biscuit you can make from a mix?

But after hearing people rave about them over and over I decided to order the mix online and try them out in my own kitchen when I had time. The box arrived and it sat for a bit until I started to develop a craving for biscuits and honey from looking at the package for a few weeks. It was clearly time to bake some biscuits!

I had debated about even ordering the honey (it costs as much as the biscuit mix) but am so glad I did because it is just what you want honey to be – golden, syrupy and the perfect amount of sweet. The honey is locally sourced in Sonoma County from Gipson’s Golden in Santa Rosa and is a dreamy drizzle of perfection over the hot biscuits and melted butter.

The mix calls for the addition of shortening and buttermilk and while I was at the store I bought a tub of mascarpone cheese which is a light and tasty alternative to butter and so incredibly delicious with biscuits.

If there was ever a biscuit that lived up to the excitement, this is it. Hands down, it is the best tasting, fluffiest biscuit you can imagine. Like all biscuits, they are most delectable hot out of the oven but these firm up a bit once they cool and are perfect for savory sandwiches the next day – it there are any leftovers.

Big Bottom Biscuits
Big Bottom Market’s moist, fluffy biscuits – look at that dreamy, golden honey!

My husband devoured several of them and I was going to take a photo of the trail of crumbs he left behind on the kitchen counter but he even went back and ate those before I could get to the camera.

I visited Guerneville this weekend and I made sure we had time allotted for stopping in at Big Bottom Market to taste their unique in-house biscuit creations and to pick up bags of mix for myself and to give as gifts.

Big Bottom Market biscuit and Gravy with Bacon
Big Bottom Market Biscuit and Gravy with Bacon

Every year we have biscuits with our Thanksgiving dinner and these are now my must-have biscuits to serve at the holidays.



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