Serres Ranch Blueberries

Serres Ranch was founded in Sonoma in 1924 and remains owned and operated by six successive generations of the Serres family. The Serres Ranch vineyards in the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma county produce red wines including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Syrah.

What I find even more irresistible are their exceptional blueberries, which are grown at Serres Ranch North in Laytonville in Mendocino County. These incomparable blueberries make their debut in Sonoma in mid-June for only 3 to 4 weeks, so they are a much anticipated and treasured treat. Watch for them in local markets and farmer’s markets where they will be clearly labeled as Serres Ranch blueberries.

I have never tasted blueberries with so much flavor that are so large in size and so plump and round. With such a short season, the good news is that blueberries freeze well and can be enjoyed months later to remind you – and your taste buds – of summer’s bounty.

Freeze the berries in a single layer on a cookie sheet and then transfer to a freezer-safe container and enjoy for 6 months or longer. You may just make it until the next blueberry harvest!

Look at the size of these Serres Ranch blueberries!


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