A Warm Welcome from “Perennially Speaking”

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that I’ve reached a point in my life when I feel like I have something meaningful to say. Perhaps even something important to say. This awareness, combined with my love of writing, has led me here, now, to this blog I have fondly dubbed “Perennially Speaking.”

Upon Googling, I came across this definition of “perennial”: “Lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.”


With your forbearance, Dear Reader of “Perennially Speaking, I wish to reflect here on things perennial; ideas that endure through time or that cycle back to remind us of their constancy, their simplicity, their truth, their power and resilience. In some strange way, I feel this blog is a calling, even a responsibility; given, shall we say, the current “state of affairs.”

“Perennially Speaking” is deeply grateful to “Living Sonoma County” for offering it a home, a place to breathe and to grow. It is no accident that the respective creators of “Living Sonoma County” and “Perennially Speaking” have breathed and grown together throughout most of their lives. More specifically, since first grade. Common values and experiences bind us – perennially.

I hope you find my offerings resonant, thought-provoking, entertaining, and affirming.

And as an aside, my creativity is not limited to writing. I am also a mixed media artist. You can find my work here.

Sue Imperial

Sue Imperial Mixed Media Artist piece called "Dream Home"
“Dream Home” by Mixed Media Artist Sue Imperial


Sue Imperial Mixed Media Artist Prepares for a Show
Mixed Media Artist Sue Imperial Prepares for a Show


Sue Imperial Mixed Media Artist Vineyard scene- "Sonoma Crush"
Sue Imperial Private Commission “Sonoma Crush”



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